Sciara Holding does not appeal to the Lazio Administrative Court on the ex-Blutec tender in Termini Imerese, but seeks information on Pelligra’s project.

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the Blutec factory in Termini Imerese, with Sciara Holding denying rumors that they had filed a complaint with the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. The CEO, Fabio Bertolotti, explains that they only sent a notification to the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, the Pelligra group, and the commissioners of the former Blutec, regarding their requests for access to documents being ignored. Sciara Holding and Smart City Group participated in the bid for the sale of the Termini Imerese plant, with the commissioners ultimately selecting Pelligra’s offer. Despite this, Sciara Holding is seeking access to the decision-making process to better understand the choice made by the commissioners, as they are not familiar with Pelligra’s project. The article also includes a statement from the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, defending the selection of Pelligra as the best option for the revitalization of the industrial site, ensuring the protection of employees and creditors.

Sciara Holding: nessun ricorso al Tar Lazio sul bando ex Blutec di Termini Imerese, ma vogliamo conoscere il progetto di Pelligra

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