Sciacca Carnival returns with four allegorical floats parade.

The Carnival of Sciacca returns full of novelties and surprises, which will take place this year on Tuesday 13, Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February 2024. The Carnival is curated by Futuris srls, the company that won the tender from the Municipality of Sciacca for the organization, realization, management and promotion of the Carnival of Sciacca; the Carnival is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Sciacca and enjoys the patronage of the Sicilian Region. The Carnival of Sciacca is one of the most important carnivals in Italy, included among the Historical Carnivals by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage. A unique and special celebration, a real entertainment machine for all ages.

The circuit of the Sciacca Carnival will be animated by four imposing masked courses of allegorical floats, made of papier-mâché, masked groups with artistically created costumes, original and captivating music, allegorical scripts, a rich program of cultural events, shows (with guests, testimonials, singers and comedians), collateral activities, an area dedicated to street food, a space for children, an amusement park and two stages. The main stage, the pulsating heart of the evening show, ready to host the performances of the competing allegorical floats, and the dynamic TicketSms stage, the second stage, set up in the area of the amusement park, which will host radio broadcasts, DJ sets, formats, animation and special guests.

The rich official program of the Carnival of Sciacca includes various activities and entertainment opportunities for visitors of all ages. In detail, the Carnival will start on Tuesday 13 February at 3:45 pm on the stage of Via Salvatore Allende in the presence of the Mayor of Sciacca who will welcome Peppe Nappa, the official mask of the Carnival of Sciacca, with the delivery of the keys to the City.

For all four days, from 4 pm, the magnificent parade of the Allegorical Floats and the masked groups will take place in the Carnival circuit in via Salvatore Allende. Also from 4 pm, the spectacular Luna Park will open, an area of fun for adults and children open until the end of the event and equipped with a huge Ferris wheel, carousels, shooting games and attractions. The area will be open for all four days of the event within the Carnival circuit.

At the end of each of the four parades, on the main stage starting at 8:00 pm, there will be shows, performances of the competing Allegorical Floats, and allegorical recitations, presented on Tuesday 13 February by the journalist Mauro Piro and the Antenna Sicilia presenter Naomi Moschitta, while from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 February the journalist and Sky presenter Sarah Castellana will host, together with Piro. From 10 pm, the special Carnival DJ set will bring music and entertainment to the TicketSms Stage with the participation of Rudeejay, Angemi and the formats Nostalgia 90 and Bonita – Carnival edition.

There are also many initiatives designed for children; during all four days, from 4:00 pm until late at night, children and their families are welcome at the Kids Village, which will be held on the Mega Center Toys stage and will host animators, cartoon characters, such as Elsa, Olaf, Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and the Minions, fun baby dances and sports challenges for children. At the Museum Garden, Choco Moments – The great chocolate factory will arrive with a market exhibition and many activities, such as chocolate processing lessons for beginners, a workshop dedicated to children to learn how to make chocolates, and various cooking shows.

On Sunday 18 February at 11:30 am, the Children’s Carnival will also take place, during which Peppe Nappa will welcome many cartoon characters on stage with games, baby dances, animations, and mascots.

This year, for the Carnival, unforgettable and extraordinary guests are also expected. Joey and Rina, a media phenomenon with 500 million views and exponents of social dance, will arrive at the Carnival of Sciacca on Saturday 17 February to make everyone dance with their choreographies. On Sunday 18 February at 3 pm, the Lucilla Show will take place on the main stage, during which Peppe Nappa will welcome Lucilla, the Sun Fairy, queen of baby dance and social star of all children for a fantastic show. Also on Sunday 18 February, starting at 8:00 pm, Stefano Piazza, one of the most beloved Sicilian comedians, is expected to join the presenters for many moments of fun.

The Carnival of Sciacca will officially conclude on Sunday 18 February at 1:00 am with the closing ceremony of the Carnival, Goodbye Peppe Nappa, with the return of the keys to the city to the Mayor of Sciacca and the Burning of Peppe Nappa.

For this edition of the Carnival, the organization has also thought of those who want to enjoy the masked courses of the allegorical floats and the show on the stage in total relaxation, setting up two stands on either side of the main stage: the Bellavia Motors stand and the Sciacca Municipal Avis stand, which will welcome visitors during the route with free seating. Visitors can also expect great innovations in the food area, organized this year in new spaces with a gastronomic offer both local and national, in the true spirit of the Carnival of Sciacca, historically characterized by the presence of street food activities.

Il Carnevale di Sciacca torna con quattro corsi di carri allegorici

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