School principals competition on Capaci massacre anniversary

The competition for school principals on May 23 does not interfere with the commemorations for the memory of the Capaci massacre. This was specified in a note by the Ministry of Education and Merit. The note explains that the choice to schedule the pre-selective phase of the school principal competition throughout Italy on May 23 responds to specific technical and organizational needs related to the availability of computer stations in schools where the competition will take place. The note also emphasizes that the pre-selective tests will involve only 2,470 teachers in Sicily out of a total of 24,944. Additionally, the competition will take place between 2:30 pm and 3:45 pm, allowing participants and surveillance personnel to participate in the scheduled events in the morning or evening. The note also mentions that schools, along with the Anti-Mafia Culture Network, will be present at the Palazzo di Giustizia in Palermo, continuing their educational work against criminal organizations. The Ministry of Education and Merit expresses appreciation to school principals, teachers, administrative staff, students, and families for their daily commitment to keeping the memory of the victims of the Capaci and Via D’Amelio massacres alive. It also highlights that Giovanni Falcone represents an example and a lesson for present and future generations.

Il concorso per dirigenti scolastici nel giorno delle commemorazioni della strage di Capaci, per il ministero «non ci saranno interferenze»

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