School canteen costs increase in Marsala, doubling fees for some families

The cost of school lunch in Marsala is increasing. Today, citizens with an Isee income of 3,000 euros will pay nearly double compared to previous years, going from 1.30 euros per meal to 2.50. For incomes between three and seven thousand euros, the cost rises to 3.20 euros, and so on. Parents in Marsala are protesting as it will be difficult for single-income families to afford this service. They argue that the increase in food costs should not fall on their shoulders, especially when they have more than one child and rely on a single income. Mayor Massimo Grillo had promised to abolish Marsala Schola, the entity that manages school services on behalf of the municipality. However, the organization has now announced the new tariffs for the 2023/24 school year, with almost double the prices. Everyone pays for the cafeteria, but only those with an Isee income below 3,000 euros can have their children eat for free. Marsala Schola is facing significant financial difficulties. It is also uncertain if and how the school bus service will operate. The local Uil secretary, Giuseppe Tumbarello, has raised concerns about both the cafeteria and school bus issues. He revealed that in September, the buses for transporting students will not start due to their age and high maintenance costs. Additionally, an allocation of 400 thousand euros is needed for the cafeteria service to start properly, which should be provided by the Municipal Administration. However, the municipality has not yet presented its budget, even though the deadline has passed. The situation is worrisome, and Tumbarello hopes the mayor will convene a meeting soon to clarify the fate of Marsala Schola and its employees.

Aumentano i costi della mensa scolastica a Marsala, per alcune famiglie tariffe raddoppiate

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