Schifani’s ordinance for waste disposal in other plants after closure in Lentini

Further discussion took place this morning in Palermo, at the regional Energy department, to find a solution to the closure of the Lentini Tmb plant. The meeting, convened by the assessor Roberto Di Mauro, was attended by the heads of the Asp of Messina, Catania, Ragusa and Siracusa, of the Arpa Sicilia, as well as the head of the legislative and legal office of the Region, Giovanni Bologna, the general manager of the strategic planning department of the Health department, Salvatore Iacolino, and the chief of staff of the president of the Region, Salvatore Sammartano, and the Energy assessor Filiberto Fiorito and engineer Francesco Arini, head of the Waste Authorizations service of the department.

During the nearly three-hour meeting, the administrative path, supported by various environmental and health opinions, that the extraordinary ordinance signed by the President of the Region Renato Schifani was identified. The aim of the measure is to allow for the temporary disposal of waste, originally destined for the Lentini Tmb and then to other landfills, in additional facilities already authorized on the island, thus overcoming the disposal difficulties for numerous municipalities.

“It was a productive meeting,” emphasizes Assessor Di Mauro, “which allowed us to pinpoint the main critical issues and the most suitable solutions, thanks to the discussion with the present health and environmental authorities. I have already called for a new meeting for Monday morning to further explore other aspects and define the contents of the ordinance that President Schifani will sign and which will remain in force only for the time necessary for the situation to return to normal.”

Ordinanza di Schifani per smaltire i rifiuti in altri impianti dopo la chiusura a Lentini

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