Schifani: organized action needed to combat fires in Sicily, unity is key.

In recent days, there have been organized and prepared arson attacks in Sicily, particularly during hot and windy conditions. Renato Schifani, the president of the Sicily region, expressed the need for prevention and a stronger presence of the state to combat these criminal strategies. He mentioned the need for assistance from the central government, similar to past operations, in order to adequately protect the territory. Schifani also criticized those who complain about regional governments during times of crisis and called for unity in addressing the issue. He stated that he will request a meeting with the Minister of the Interior to discuss strategies for dealing with these intentional fires. The governor emphasized that even with hundreds of firefighting teams, they would not be able to control the situation without a more significant presence from the state.

Schifani: sugli incendi in Sicilia c’è un’azione organizzata, bisogna fare squadra

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