Say no to fake agricultural practices: why did Caccamo unionist Mico Geraci get killed?

The article discusses the assassination of Mico Geraci, a trade unionist and political candidate in Caccamo, Italy in 1998. The mafia bosses were unhappy with Geraci’s interference in their affairs and his anti-mafia activism. They saw him as a threat to their power and financial interests. The article details how Geraci’s refusal to approve certain agricultural subsidies for mafia members led to his targeted killing. The mafia bosses, including Bernardo Provenzano, ordered his assassination through Salvatore and Pietro Rinella. The article also highlights the testimony of a mafia turncoat, Nino Giuffrè, who revealed the internal discussions and motivations behind Geraci’s murder. The article sheds light on the intricate workings of mafia politics and the lengths they would go to protect their interests.

Disse di no alle pratiche agricole fasulle, ecco perché venne ucciso il sindacalista di Caccamo Mico Geraci

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