Santa Margherita Belice: New areas for Oasi Ohana – hosting eighteen more dogs

Chiara Calasanzio, the founder of Oasi Ohana, is working on a new project to expand the sanctuary and accommodate at least 18 more abandoned dogs. The total cost of the project is 11,000 euros. Calasanzio hopes to free up space in local homes and pensions by creating new large, comfortable enclosures for the dogs. Currently, Oasi Ohana houses around 100 dogs and continues to receive abandoned animals. Calasanzio is dedicated to providing the dogs with a natural, spacious environment where they can live freely. She is seeking support from the community to carry out her project, despite facing challenges such as poisoned animals and even dogs thrown from moving vehicles onto the sanctuary’s grounds. Her efforts have gained national attention, and she continues to be dedicated to saving and caring for abandoned dogs.

Santa Margherita Belice, nuove aree per l’Oasi Ohana: ospiterà altri diciotto cani

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