Sansoni chooses Trapani as the film set: filming begins

Trapani is the film set of the first film of I Sansoni. The two satirical comedians from Palermo revealed this in a story on Instagram, where they posted a photo with the clapperboard and the caption Trapani. Many curious people approached the walls of Tramontana and the ex-fish market square, where the film is being shot, to meet the two brothers Fabrizio and Federico Sansone and discover something in advance about “And then it is seen.”

The film is produced by Greenboo production and Warner Bros Italy and directed by the young and multi-award-winning director Giovanni Calvaruso. In the cast, there are also Ester Pantano, Domenico Centamore, and Donatella Finocchiaro.

In recent hours, the mayor of Trapani Giacomo Tranchida and the councilor Rosalia d’Alì went to the set to meet and greet all the staff involved in filming. The mayor congratulated the two.

I Sansoni, web champions with over 400 million total views in just three years on all digital platforms, began to collect successes with the mini-series “Things that annoy me” and with web-films. Among the latter, the video “I’m not RACIST, but…” stands out, which alone has totaled more than 30 million views, opening the social debate on the topic.

I Sansoni, è Trapani il set cinematografico del loro film: iniziate le riprese

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