Salvo La Monica, a man from Syracuse at Antonio Ricci’s court.

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“A Syracuse artist at Antonio Ricci’s court. The singer and digital animator Salvo La Monica, born in 1987, recently participated in StrixFactor, a segment dedicated to talents from Striscia La Notizia, with the song ‘Oggi ti amo per sempre’, a pop song about the precariousness of feelings, written by Bruno Rubino and Antonio Arcidiacono. The message of the song is “Today I love you forever, tomorrow who knows”. The participation was a success and was warmly received by fans. La Monica has a million subscribers on his YouTube channel and recently reached ten thousand followers on TikTok. In addition to creating 3D animations, La Monica also released a platformer video game in 2022 called “Simba The Cat” in memory of his cat. La Monica will continue to create superhero-themed videos in the coming months, featuring iconic characters like Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash.”

Salvo La Monica, un siracusano alla corte di Antonio Ricci

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