Salvini: Bridge over the Strait will be without pillars, no dramas like in Baltimore.

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“But what does it have to do with it? Furthermore, the Italian Bridge does not involve pillars in the sea, so tragic episodes like this cannot occur.” Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini replied to an Instagram user, S.G., who had previously commented on the vice premier’s post about the Baltimore tragedy by writing “I would reconsider the Messina bridge!!!!!!”. The social media exchange was shared by the League in a post with a graphic linking the user’s message to the slogan “the party of no.”

The Minister: Thoughts to rescuers and those fighting for life

“Oh my goodness, what a tragedy! Our thoughts go to the rescuers and those fighting for their lives. #Baltimore.” This is what Vice Premier and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini wrote in a tweet where he shared the video of the cargo ship hitting the Francis Scott Key bridge, causing it to collapse.

Salvini: il Ponte sullo Stretto sarà senza pilastri, mai drammi come a Baltimora

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