Salemi holds candlelight vigil for Marisa Leo and against all feminicides.

Yesterday, the community of Salemi paid a heartfelt tribute to Marisa Leo, a woman who was known and loved by everyone in the town. Marisa was tragically taken from her life by her ex-partner, who then committed suicide after perpetrating the heinous crime of femicide. In order to stop this escalating criminal phenomenon, the citizens of Salemi, alongside local associations, the town administration, and schools, came together to send a strong message of reaction to this tragedy that had touched them all. The name of Marisa, killed by gunshots just over a week ago, must remain alive and serve as a reminder that no other woman should suffer the cruel fate that she and her family endured. With the support of the entire community, her memory will be honored. This was the warning that the organizers of the march in Salemi wanted to convey, with a single voice, the voice of silence.

Salemi, fiaccolata per Marisa Leo e contro tutti i femminicidi

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