Sailing boat capsizes near Alicudi, 8 tourists feared.

A group of tourists on a sailing boat off the coast of Alicudi experienced a panic situation as the boat started taking on water and was at risk of sinking. There were 8 people on board, including four minors. The Coast Guard in Lipari received a distress call around 12:30 am yesterday from the sailing boat, which was located 5 miles south of Alicudi. The boat was unable to navigate and was taking on water. A rescue operation was immediately launched, with the search and rescue motorboat CP 832 being sent to the area. However, due to the rough sea conditions and the distance of over 35 nautical miles to cover, a commercial yacht nearby was directed to provide initial assistance. The yacht positioned itself to facilitate the transfer of the stranded tourists from the sailing boat. Once safely on board the Sae CP 832, the tourists were taken to Lipari.

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