Saguto, Cassazione’s verdict expected today: here are the scenarios

The verdict on the Saguto system is expected to be delivered by the Court of Cassation today (Thursday, October 19th). The case originates from an investigation in Palermo into illegal activities related to the management of assets seized from the mafia. The main figures in this case are Silvana Saguto, former president of the prevention measures section, her family members, and professionals from the so-called “magic circle” of the judge at the time. According to the accusations, Saguto allegedly manipulated the appointments of judicial administrators in exchange for gifts and favors for herself and her relatives. Saguto was sentenced to 8 years and 10 months for corruption, fraud, and abuse of office in the appeals court, which was a slight reduction from the initial trial. If the sentence is confirmed, Saguto could face imprisonment. Her husband, Lorenzo Caramma, and the favored judicial administrators, such as lawyer Gaetano Cappellano Seminara and Roberto Santangelo, could also face jail time if the verdict is upheld. Other defendants received suspended sentences of less than 3 years. If the Court of Cassation does not confirm the sentence, there are two scenarios: an unlikely annulment without a retrial resulting in the defendants’ acquittal, or a retrial to recalculate the sentences, possibly due to the expiration of some charges or acquittal on certain allegations.

Saguto, attesa per oggi la sentenza della Cassazione: ecco gli scenari

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