Rosalba Filardi Bonanzinga, founder of historic downtown bookstore, Messina, has passed away.

The world of culture mourns the death of Rosalba Filardi Bonanzinga in Messina. She was 87 years old and had dedicated most of her life to books, founding the historic bookstore in 1969 with her husband. As a young woman, Rosalba studied literature and after briefly moving to Turin, she returned to Messina and decided to open the bookstore that would later become iconic. A lover of literature, she wanted the bookstore to become a cultural reference point for the city. In recent years, she had handed over the management of the bookstore to her daughter Daniela, but Rosalba was often present, ready to advise customers and answer questions. Upon hearing the news of her passing, many expressed their condolences to the family and remembered Rosalba fondly for her kindness and dedication. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 4 pm in the church of San Salvatore.

Messina, è morta Rosalba Filardi Bonanzinga: fondò la storica libreria del centro

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