Riot at Agrigento prison: Nine inmates convicted

The judges of the second criminal section of the court of Agrigento, presided over by Wilma Angela Mazzara, convicted, in a speedy trial, the 9 detainees arrested on January 2nd for the revolt at the Di Lorenzo prison. They were accused of dragging a prison guard, who was injured (with a prognosis of 15 days), to steal the keys to the medium security section and take full control. The detainees were found guilty of charges of resisting a public official, aggravated assault, and kidnapping of a person by preventing a detainee from moving to receive a medical examination for a hypertensive crisis after feeling unwell during the riot.

The highest sentence – 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment – was imposed on Raffaele Ballocco, a 37-year-old man from Syracuse. Two years and two months each for Sebastiano Miano, 29 years old, and Ferdinando Faro, 27 years old; both from Catania. One year and 4 months each for Andrea Di Fazio, 37 years old, from Paternò; Calogero Cristian Spadicchia, 27 years old, from Gravina di Catania, and Luigi Pino, 29 years old, from Catania. Finally, one year, 2 months, and 18 days for Samuele Romeo, 25 years old, from Paternò, and Ezio Vinci, 28 years old, from Syracuse.

Agrigento, rivolta al carcere Di Lorenzo: condannati nove detenuti

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