Revisiting 1992 massacres investigation: Giustini to be arrested

A breakthrough in the investigation into the 1992 bombings comes from Caltanissetta. Walter Giustini, a former carabiniere, is set to be placed under house arrest for obstructing the investigation and providing false information to the judicial authorities. The review tribunal sided with the Caltanissetta prosecutor’s office, overturning a previous decision and ordering Giustini to house arrest. This decision highlights the unreliability of a key figure in a complex case. Giustini had previously claimed that Riina could have been arrested earlier, leading to suspicion of his involvement in fraudulent activities. The Caltanissetta Prosecutor’s Office is investigating him for fraud and slander. This development sheds light on the tangled web of the “pool stragi” investigation.

Depistaggio delle stragi del ‘92, il Riesame: Giustini va arrestato

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