Restored frescoes at Caserma Ruggero Settimo and Palazzo dei Normanni

The article discusses the completion of restoration works on two historically significant buildings in Palermo. Thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Army and the Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Sicilian capital, five out of nine frescoes found on the walls of the entrance of the Congregation room of the Immaculate at the former convent of San Francesco di Paola, now the Ruggero Settimo barracks, have been restored. The restoration of the Cavallerizza of Palazzo dei Normanni, located inside the bastion hosting the hanging gardens of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and currently used by the Army Command “Sicilia”, has also been completed. The properties have been returned to their former glory after significant requalification works, which included clearing the large interior space of prefabricated structures and requalifying the royal stables into a monumental hall for conferences. The collaboration between civilian and military institutions has been praised for successfully recovering valuable historical and artistic decorations thought to be lost and for the definitive arrangement and valorization of spaces. The frescoes in the Caserma Ruggero Settimo depict scenes from the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.

Palermo, restaurati gli affreschi della Caserma Ruggero Settimo e la Cavallerizza di Palazzo dei Normanni

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