Rest-Art in Camper: Erice Fights School Dropout

In the San Giuliano di Erice neighborhood, the activities of the Rest-Art project’s traveling listening service have begun. The service is provided by a camper van, equipped with a multidisciplinary team, that introduces the project to the population, focusing on minors and their families residing in the municipality of Erice. The camper van will also be present on Friday (October 27) afternoon from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm in front of the Cristo Re Church in San Giuliano. The initiative was presented by the social cooperative Badia Grande, the leading organization of the project, alongside Rest-Art coordinator Tanya Bonanno, the assessore in charge of social and youth policies, Carmela Daidone, the head of social services, Leonarda Messina, and social worker Maria Elena Mulè. The first phase of the Rest-Art project, led by the cooperative Global Service Mobility, involves an informative campaign by the team of Valeria Guaina, social worker, Carmela Napodamo, psychologist, and Angela Giacalone, educator. This will be followed by the actual listening and guidance activities. Rest-Art aims to combat educational poverty and includes actions both within and outside of schools, with the intention of addressing truancy issues, guiding youth into the workforce, and improving parent-child relationships. Over the next two months, the camper van will visit various locations, including piazza Sandro Pertini, via Fratelli Aiuto, via Lido di Venere, Napola piazza Bonaventura, via Carlo Rosselli Ballata, piazza Vittime della Strada in Villa Mokarta, and piazza Entello in Pizzolungo, from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The Rest-Art project is funded with approximately 230,000 euros by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, specifically the initiative to combat educational poverty. It is promoted by the social cooperative Badia Grande in synergy with the municipality of Erice and the following partners: Futura Institute of Education and Vocational Training, Associazione Prof. As.s, Coop. Soc. Global Services Mobility, and Azione X OdV.

Rest-Art., in camper a Erice per combattere la dispersione scolastica

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