Rescue of a hiker from Catania injured in fall along Nebrodi trekking trail

Rescue intervention this evening (April 3) by the Etna Nord station of the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue, in the area of Portella Vernà, on the Nebrodi Mountains, in the territory of Castroreale (Messina), for the recovery of a hiker from Catania who was injured due to a fall. The alarm message, as stated in a note, was sent by the woman’s hiking companions, through the Georesq mobile application (an emergency alert application for mountain rescue), detected in real time, along with the geographical coordinates of the accident location, by one of the Central Operations of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps, which immediately activated the nearest Cnsas rescue station. The woman, with a group of hikers, was in a particularly rugged mountainous area when she slipped along a rocky slope, injuring her left ankle, which prevented her from continuing independently. Reached by the Cnsas Sicily rescue team, which could only approach on foot due to the rugged terrain, the woman was transported out of the rugged area to be handed over to the ambulance 118 paramedics, who were waiting in the nearby town of Rimiti, to be taken to the emergency room in Taormina.

Soccorsa una escursionista catanese: si era infortunata per una caduta durante un trekking sui Nebrodi

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