Regional contract, councilor Messina meets Aran

Regional councillor for Public Function, Andrea Messina, met with the extraordinary commissioner of Aran, Accursio Gallo, whose appointment has been renewed by the regional government for another three months. The meeting focused on the renewal of the collective labor contract for non-managerial staff of the Region for the period 2019-2021. Messina emphasized the need for a proposal consistent with the regional government’s guidelines and urged a timely convening of the unions, as there has already been significant delay. He also raised the issue of applying article 70 of the Ccrl 2016/2018 for the liquidation of the 2022 results-based remuneration for management. Gallo committed to convening the unions next week to address this issue. Finally, they discussed renewing the contract for managerial staff for 2019-2021 and negotiating additional funds for 2023 for both staff and management.

Contratto dei regionali, l’assessore Messina incontra l’Aran

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