Red stain recalls murder: restored farmhouse where Impastato was killed – VIDEO

The article describes the restoration of the house where Peppino Impastato, a young journalist and activist assassinated by the Mafia in Cinisi, Palermo, was found. The house has been restored, and a transparent slab with a red stain underneath now stands where the bloodied stone of Peppino Impastato was found. The article also mentions the involvement of various officials, including the Governor of Sicily, in the inauguration ceremony. The restoration was in line with the fight against the Mafia, with the President of the Region emphasizing the region’s stance against organized crime. The ceremony also involved the presence of a school group.

C’è la chiazza rossa che ricorda l’omicidio: ecco dopo il restauro il casolare in cui fu ucciso Impastato – VIDEO

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