Record-breaking fifth edition of Wine Sicily in Palermo attracts 5,000 visitors

The fifth edition of Wine Sicily, a wine event held in Palermo from October 21 to 23, concluded with record-breaking numbers. The event attracted 5,000 visitors, including wine enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious individuals. Over 400 people danced to the music of the A noi ci piace vintage group, while three sold-out masterclasses took place. The event also featured focus groups, debates, and tastings of over 400 wine labels. Forty-five Sicilian wineries presented their new products to the public. The Wine Sicily Prize was awarded to Tenute La Favola for Best Wine of the Year and Vella for Wine Sicily Taste Prize. The masterclasses, held in collaboration with Le Vie dei Tesori, were hugely successful, as was the involvement of students from the Cascino Hotel Institute in Palermo. The organizers were thrilled with the enthusiastic response from Wine Sicily attendees and stated that the event is a valuable asset for Palermo and Sicily as a whole. Masino Lombardo, regional manager of CoopCulture, highlighted that the excellence of wine not only represents a successful business venture but also contributes to the beauty and history of the region.

Wine Sicily a Palermo, quinta edizione da record con 5 mila visitatori

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