Recommendation for agricultural research, competition for collaborators: positions available in Sicily.

The Council for Agricultural Research and Economic Analysis (Crea) has announced a public competition for sixteen administrative collaborators, grade VII, on a full-time and permanent basis. The positions will involve instructional, review, and drafting tasks for administrative acts, provisions, and documents, including financial and accounting matters, as well as the use of computer procedures and management programs to support the institution’s institutional and research activities, particularly in relation to national and international research projects. The work locations are in Acireale, Rome, Bologna, Rovigo, San Protaso (Piacenza), Monterotondo (Rome), Forlì, Rende, and Conegliano. Candidates must indicate their preferred work locations, and winners must remain in their assigned location for at least three years. The application process must be completed online by July 21, 2023.