Rare surprise in Palermo as loggerhead turtle nest found on Mondello beach

The previous night a Caretta caretta sea turtle laid eggs on the beach in Mondello, Palermo. An unusual event for the coast. The WWF North-Western Sicily has notified all the relevant authorities and is verifying and securing the nest, in agreement with the beach managers of Mondello, who are asked for maximum collaboration and participation, as well as citizens and environmental associations in the area.

The WWF thanks “the volunteers for the immediate verification and temporary fencing of a protected area installed last night around 2 am. The creation of a nest protection zone will follow, for the necessary protection until hatching, which will occur between 50 and 70 days.” The Caretta caretta is a protected species at high risk of extinction, therefore all operations will be carried out in compliance with legal regulations.

Sorpresa a Palermo, la tartaruga Caretta caretta nidifica sulla spiaggia di Mondello

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