Ranocchia and Di Francesco listed as cautioned: 5 players at risk of suspension, Palermo on alert for play-offs

Red alarm. Or, rather, yellow. As if that wasn’t enough, the sports judge has thrown gasoline where there was already fire with the disciplinary consequences of the post-Spezia. In a Palermo now projected towards the play-offs, which could lead to promotion to Serie A, there are aspects to consider that are not entirely secondary, such as the possible suspensions of players who are already on the list of cautioned players. An list that as of yesterday includes 5 rosanero players. In addition to the already cautioned players Segre, Nedelcearu, and Ceccaroni, Ranocchia and Di Francesco have been added, booked during the away game in Liguria and now at risk of suspension starting from the match on Sunday against Ascoli.

It should be noted that a possible yellow card against Ascoli would only cause them to miss the last league game against Südtirol, but what is feared is the possible sanction imposed precisely during the last game of the season, which would then cause the cautioned players to miss the first play-off match. A danger that should not be underestimated, especially considering that these are 5 players who are part of the starting lineup, concentrated in two positions on the field: Nedelceauru and Ceccaroni in defense, and Ranocchia, Segre, and Di Francesco in midfield. From Sunday, therefore, attention will also be paid to the cards. Among the many difficulties that Palermo is facing, the issue of suspensions would be a topic to eliminate and prevent.

Ranocchia e Di Francesco entrano nell’elenco dei diffidati: 5 giocatori a rischio squalifica, Palermo in allarme in vista dei play-off

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