Randazzo di Carini company empowers staff and hires 21 people: Autistic individuals, warehouse workers, and coordinators.

Randazzo srl, based in Carini, has hired 21 workers, including specialized drivers, warehouse workers, and coordinators. These employees will be responsible for managing three warehouses in Carini, Caltanissetta, and Misterbianco, thanks to a partnership with Ups Healthcare for the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Sicily and Calabria. The company is now directly managing services that were previously outsourced, and has also hired workers who were previously employed by the subcontractor. This is part of a broader strategy to strengthen operational autonomy and apply certified processes for planning, management, quality control, and innovation. Randazzo has been the face of Ups in Sicily for 30 years and also manages the healthcare division, ensuring safe transport of pharmaceuticals with temperature-controlled facilities and refrigerated vans. The addition of 21 new staff members aims to improve service and strengthen employee loyalty. This decision has been approved by important trade unions, and the company is committed to continuous investment, attention to compliance, and adapting to a rapidly changing and more sustainable market. The goal is to build industrial processes that enable the company to adapt quickly to evolving market demands.

Autisti, magazzinieri e coordinatori: l’azienda Randazzo di Carini potenzia il personale e assume 21 persone

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