Randazzo attempts to kill a man with a gun and then takes his own life with the same weapon

Attempted murder and suicide in Randazzo, in the province of Catania. An 87-year-old man attempted to kill a 67-year-old man by shooting at him, and then took his own life with the same weapon. The injured man was transferred to Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania by a helicopter from the 118 emergency service. The Carabinieri of the Randazzo company and the provincial command of Catania are investigating, coordinated by the district prosecutor’s office of Catania, ruling out any connections to organized crime. At the moment, only the initials of the two individuals are known: the person who shot and then committed suicide is S. M, 87 years old, while the injured person is F. P., 67 years old. The injured man was hit in the left arm and abdomen, and is reportedly conscious and cooperating with the doctors in the trauma center. The Carabinieri are trying to reconstruct the personalities of the two individuals and their acquaintances to understand the nature of their relationship and determine the motive behind the attempted murder-suicide.

Randazzo, tenta di uccidere un uomo a colpi di pistola e poi si toglie la vita con la stessa arma

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