Raid at Di Vittorio School in Palermo: Principal says “Our school is well-loved by everyone here at Sperone”

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“Our school is well-liked, we have never suffered from acts of vandalism,” says headteacher Angela Mirabile about the incident at the Giuseppe Di Vittorio school in Sperone, Palermo: the staff found holes in one of the windows of the building and alerted the carabinieri, who promptly arrived at the scene. Fortunately, no damage was found inside the school and nothing seems to be missing.

“The holes were made with a specific tool – explains Mirabile – but I do not believe it can be considered an act of vandalism, probably these are not the methods. Only once have we experienced a break-in with theft but everything was resolved within a few hours because the stolen goods were promptly found. But I repeat we have never suffered from vandalism or episodes of violence: we are happy about this, it means that our institution is well-liked by the students and the neighborhood.”

The holes were found by the vice headteacher, Gabriella Civello, who alerted the police. “The images were acquired by the municipal police – she explains – and we have filed a report. From a school dropout rate of 14%, we have dropped to about 1%: these are data that we proudly claim.”

Il raid alla Di Vittorio di Palermo, la preside: «Qui allo Sperone la nostra scuola è ben voluta da tutti»

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