Ragusa entrepreneur reports: Extortionist arrested after collecting “protection money”

A 33-year-old man, G.G., was arrested by the mobile squad in Ragusa for extortion in flagrante delicto. He was caught after receiving a bribe from a businessman to whom he had demanded a weekly “protection” fee of 300 euros. The police operation took place on August 12th following the victim’s complaint. The police apprehended the extortionist in the act, with the proceeds of the crime, belonging to the victim, on him. G.G. was stopped on the street shortly after receiving the money, while he was trying to leave in a car driven by an acquaintance. The arrest of G.G., who has a history of similar crimes, was validated by the investigating judge. The position of the man driving the car, in which the 33-year-old was about to get in after receiving the bribe, is currently being investigated by the prosecutor’s office. The arrested individual has been taken to Ragusa prison, pending further investigation by the judiciary. The police emphasized that the cooperation of the victim, who found the strength and courage to react, was crucial.

Ragusa, imprenditore denuncia: l’estorsore arrestato subito dopo avere incassato il «pizzo»

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