Psychologists on Montante: “He has narcissistic personality disorder”

The severe depressive state of Antonello Montante was one of the elements on which the defense of the former leader of Confindustria Sicilia, represented by lawyers Carlo Taormina and Giuseppe Panepinto, relied on to assess the defendant’s ability to participate consciously in the trial. According to the judge’s ruling, the diagnosed pathologies “did not prejudice the defendant’s capacity to participate in the trial.” His psychological conditions have been characterized by immaturity, fragility, and a narcissistic personality disorder, according to medical experts. Montante, who was sentenced to 8 years in appeal, is currently facing charges in a large trial that includes political, economic, and law enforcement figures, with a total of thirty defendants. These include the former governor of Sicily Rosario Crocetta, former regional councilors Linda Vancheri and Mariella Lo Bello, current regional president Renato Schifani, and former Irsap commissioner Maria Grazia Brandara, as well as former Aisi director Arturo Esposito.

Gli psicologi su Montante: «Ha disturbo narcisistico di personalità»

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