Protests in Catania after Adorno’s death, motion in Council, student petition for a traffic light

Mobilization in Catania after the death of Chiara Adorno, the eighteen-year-old from Solarino who was hit on Tuesday evening on the pedestrian crossing on the ring road of the city. On one hand, there is the resolution approved by the city council, on the other hand, the petition for the installation of a traffic light on Via Doria. The city council has approved a resolution and three motions. The resolution urges the municipal administration to intensify efforts to improve safety in the city, including increasing the staff of the municipal police. The petition for a traffic light or a pedestrian overpass in front of the university campus has already garnered nearly sixteen thousand signatures. The petition was launched after the death of Chiara Adorno, who was hit while crossing the street on the pedestrian crossing. The autopsy on the girl’s body will be performed tomorrow. The young people who were driving the vehicles involved in the accident have been registered as suspects for manslaughter. Their vehicles and cell phones have been seized, and surveillance camera footage from the area is being collected.

Mobilitazione a Catania dopo la morte di Adorno, mozione in Consiglio e petizione degli studenti per un semaforo

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