Promotional video for Agrigento Capital of Culture in 2025 at Palermo Airport

Two promotional videos of the Costa del Mito and Agrigento, Italian capital of culture 2025, are being shown on the screens of Palermo’s Falcone e Borsellino airport. This initiative is part of the strategy that the Valle Templi tourist district has been implementing since last year to promote and enhance the territory and the event with Agrigento 2025. Gesap, the airport management entity, has previously provided promotional spaces for the Costa del Mito, showcasing images of the Scala dei Turchi, the Temples, and more to passengers from around the world. With over 8 million passengers per year, Falcone e Borsellino airport is an important showcase for highlighting the beauties of the territory, serving as one of the main access points. The promotional videos were created by Gap Movies.

All’aeroporto di Palermo un video per promuovere Agrigento capitale della cultura 2025

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