Prisoner at Pagliarelli wins contest by Salemi municipality

Three children “smile at the world: an expression of natural kindness towards multitudes of people, ideas, books, cultures, creativity, and places.” Kindness, therefore, is seen as the “energy of life”. This is the message contained in the postcard that won the contest “The kind postcard of your city” launched by the Municipality of Salemi. The winner is a 50-year-old inmate at the Pagliarelli Penitentiary in Palermo, who participated in the project “Free Inside” proposed by My Life Design Odv. The man created the postcard and sent it to the Municipality, the third most beautiful village in Italy and, after joining the “Kind Italy Manifesto”, also known as the “Kind Village”. The contest was born from an intuition of Giuseppe Lodato, owner of a collection of antique postcards of Salemi exhibited during the Week of Cultures. “A contest with a particularly significant outcome,” said the mayor, Domenico Venuti, and the councilor of Social Services, Rina Gandolfo. “We are happy that the most beautiful message dedicated to kindness came from someone who recognized their own mistakes and changed course.”

Detenuto a Pagliarelli vince il contest ideato dal Comune di Salemi

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