Positive reactions to southern Italy’s tax relief: significant impact on employment.

The president of Aiop Sicilia, Barbara Cittadini, expresses great appreciation for the work carried out by the national government and, personally, by Minister Raffaele Fitto, which has led to the extension of the “Decontribuzione Sud” measure until December 2024.

“The measure, which has obtained approval from the EU Commission, is an important contribution to the promotion and development of the Southern territories and aims to overcome the fragilities and disadvantages of the southern context with significant repercussions on employment,” says Cittadini. “The employment decontribution rewards those who invest in human resources: even private healthcare facilities will be able to continue on the path of growth and innovation that has been underway for some time, boosting the investment plan aimed at enhancing individual realities to respond to health demands efficiently, effectively, and punctually.

Private hospital entrepreneurs had highlighted the risks of the imminent expiry of the measure but, with a sense of responsibility, they expressed confidence in the government’s actions, aware that the extension of the Decontribuzione Sud was a priority for the Italian executive, representing an important result not only for Southern businesses, but also for the South for Italy and the South for Europe,” concludes Barbara Cittadini.

Decontribuzione per il Sud, plauso di Cittadini: importanti ricadute sul fronte occupazionale

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