Positive on alcohol, crashes into a motorcycle in Palermo, parents: “We apologize to the families of the two injured”

“We wish it had never happened, and now we don’t know what to do. The two of us, as parents, and our son, who is extremely ill and hasn’t been the same since that tragic night. We just want to apologize to the parents of those boys, provide them comfort, even though we know this is an incredibly difficult time for them too. We want to do something, be helpful.” A father and a mother speak on the phone with voices broken by tears and pain. They, innocent themselves, witnessed their 24-year-old son fall into despair after an accident that occurred on Sunday night at the roundabout between Via Villagrazia and Via San Filippo, in Palermo. A collision between a Mini Cooper, driven by the twenty-four-year-old, and a Honda SH 350 scooter carrying two young boys aged 16 and 19. The latter, Vittorio S., is hospitalized in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the hospital due to a cerebral hemorrhage. His friend was also injured and is being treated at a different hospital. Vittorio is still fighting between life and death in intensive care, while his friend is fortunately out of danger. However, the twenty-four-year-old driver tested positive for alcohol, resulting in him being charged with causing injury while driving under the influence. “He told us what happened and we know our son – the parents say -. They’ve labeled him as a drunkard, but that is absolutely not the case. Our son is a good person. He stayed with the police until 6 am, he stopped and helped the boys, he called the ambulance. It was an accident, but our son is not someone who usually drinks and then drives.”

Positivo all’alcol, si scontra con una moto a Palermo, i genitori: «Chiediamo scusa alle famiglie dei due feriti»

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