Posidonia transplantation completed in Marsala marine reserve Scopello

Started in February, the intervention aimed at the “reforestation” of posidonia in the “Isole dello Stagnone” natural reserve in Marsala has been concluded. This is the first phase of a project that will be followed by interventions planned under the more complex “Rinasce” project, which involves the Municipality of Marsala, the Libero Consorzio di Trapani (former Province, manager of the reserve), and the Consorzio nazionale interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare.

The regional funding for this pilot intervention of “experimental transplant of oceanic posidonia”, in order to test its technical feasibility for large-scale reproduction, amounts to approximately 400 thousand euros. “After mapping surveys to identify suitable transplant areas – explains a note from the Municipality of Marsala – technicians from Planetek Italia, E-Geos, and Biosurvey, also using satellite images, have created two experimental implantations: one between Punta Palermo and Punta Stagnone, the other between the latter and Punta dell’Alga. Modules carrying posidonia cuttings were transplanted, following what has already been done in research/innovation projects both at Capo Feto and in the Gulf of Palermo. In particular, the implantation was carried out using an innovative product consisting of a biodegradable anchoring module. An environmentally friendly system useful for attaching plant organisms to the seabed, in order to ensure their attachment and promote their natural development.

In the Stagnone, oceanic posidonia develops particular formations that emerge on the surface during low tide and play a fundamental role in the lagoon ecosystem. Formations that are of extreme ecological, natural, and environmental interest, also representing, due to their rarity, true “natural monuments.”

“The primary objective – says the Mayor of Marsala, Massimo Grillo – is the requalification and enhancement of the reserve thanks to the reactivation of lagoon water circulation. This will improve the salinity and oxygenation of the waters, reducing the negative effects on flora and fish fauna. And the next intervention will be to restore some canals in the northern mouth and the northern area of ​​Isola Lunga, in order to improve water circulation.” This refers to the second phase of the “Rinasce” project, which has already obtained funding of approximately 1 million and 150 thousand euros (Fesr 2014/2020 funds) – aimed at “recovering the environmental conditions of the Stagnone basin and including a sensor system that will monitor its effects, with a simultaneous analysis of water quality. Another aim of the project is to create a communication and environmental education plan for the benefit of the area’s knowledge, involving citizens, tourist operators, visitors, and citizens.

Marsala, completato il trapianto di posidonia nel mare della riserva dello Stagnone

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