Porta Carbone at the forefront for 80 years

Porta Carbone is a piece of Palermo’s history, located at the Cala, and dating back to 1943. It has been a place for traditional street food for generations, offering a variety of specialties and secret recipes passed down through the years. The restaurant has been completely renovated to reflect traditional Sicilian design. It has become famous for its arancine, offering six different variations. Porta Carbone is a symbol of Sicilian cuisine and a historical landmark in Palermo. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. The restaurant celebrates Santa Lucia Day with enthusiasm, offering a range of traditional Palermitan delicacies. It is a place where tradition and history come alive through food, providing a taste of the past and present. Visitors can enjoy the view of the Cala harbor while indulging in the restaurant’s extraordinary flavors and aromas.

Porta Carbone in prima fila da 80 anni

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