Port of Catania: Containers to be relocated to Augusta, transforming both facilities

The Port Authority of Eastern Sicily aims to enhance and improve port services, create state-of-the-art infrastructure, reorganize areas, beautify and modernize the harbors, and align them with European and international standards. The authority has allocated significant funds for these projects, with a total value of over 317 million euros. The main objective is to bring a new vision and management approach to the ports of Catania and Augusta. As part of this plan, the authority will relocate the containers from Catania to Augusta, which is expected to serve as a core terminal within the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor. The bidding process for this project has been initiated. The President of the Port Authority, Francesco Di Sarcina, emphasizes the need for ambitious and modern strategies that supersede old paradigms and focus on sustainable and innovative planning. The Mayor of Catania, Enrico Trantino, is supportive of the authority’s plans and believes that the changes will enable the port to connect more closely with the city and improve its attractiveness. The relocation of containers and other projects, which are shared with the local administration, are seen as crucial steps in a complex and lengthy process, with the first visible results expected by 2024. The recent committee meeting also approved a plan to reorganize the areas, with containers being transferred to Augusta. This move is facilitated by the construction of a railway track (already approved) and a private company taking over the Gnl terminal in the coming years. Concessions have been awarded to Est (Europea servizi terminalistici) for managing the containers and transferring them to Augusta. The freed-up area will be used to establish a container terminal, a project cargo facility (focused on wind power facilities), and a general cargo area, with significant investments and job opportunities for Augusta. Concessions have also been granted to Fac and Poseidon, which handle the sulfur produced by the refineries in the harbor. The Secretary General of the Port Authority, Attilio Montalto, emphasizes the commitment to order and sustainability, prioritizing public green spaces, cleanliness, safety, digital technologies for weather control, waste management, electric mobility, and efficient document processing. This bidding process will also allow for the completion of ongoing contracts and obligations with various companies. The Mayor of Augusta, Giuseppe Di Mare, describes these developments as a turning point for the city’s port, offering economic and employment growth opportunities.

Porto di Catania, i container andranno ad Augusta: così le due strutture cambieranno volto

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