Police in Palermo prevent theft of student’s microcar and apprehend the culprits: 18 and 14 years old.

The police in Palermo foiled the theft of a microcar. Accused of attempting to steal it are a just eighteen-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old minor. The former has been arrested, while the teenager has been reported. The attempted theft took place in broad daylight. The microcar targeted by the two boys belongs to a student attending a high school in the Viale Strasburgo area. The young owner had parked his mini-car in the vicinity of the school. He would have had a nasty surprise coming out of school if an officer from the San Lorenzo police station had not intervened. The officers, on patrol for prevention and territory control, noticed the two boys who, once discovered, tried to escape on an electric bike. The police officers caught up with and apprehended them. During the escape, the two had disposed of the car radio they had managed to steal before the arrival of the officers. Tools for breaking into the microcar were found on the adult. The vehicle was returned to the owner, while the electric bike was seized as it was used to commit a crime.

Palermo, la polizia sventa il furto della microcar di uno studente e blocca gli autori: hanno 18 e 14 anni

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