Police in Palermo inspect commercial businesses for proper waste disposal

The article explains that the municipal administration in Palermo is tightening regulations on the disposal of solid urban waste by owners of public businesses in the city. An ordinance states that controls by the municipal police, with the help of state police personnel, will be strengthened. Owners of public businesses who do not comply with waste regulations for their outdoor spaces currently face the additional penalty of closure for at least five days. The new ordinance stipulates that if the same offense is committed within the following 12 months, the business will face another five-day closure starting from 8:00 am on the first Wednesday after notification. If the offense is repeated within 24 months, the closure period will increase to 10 consecutive days starting from 8:00 am on the first Wednesday after notification.

Furthermore, according to Law 94 of 2009, the municipal administration can impose fines ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 euros on individual citizens for illegal waste dumping, and up to 26,000 euros for commercial businesses.

Rifiuti a Palermo, arriva la polizia davanti agli esercizi commerciali per controllare il corretto conferimento dei rifiuti

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