Police find marijuana in kitchen cabinet with help from dog King in Biancavilla

Yesterday morning (December 7th), the carabinieri of Biancavilla, with the help of their colleagues from the canine unit, searched the house of a 41-year-old son of a historic mafia figure in the town. After surrounding the building, they conducted a raid, accompanied by the drug-sniffing dog King. Once inside the house, King detected a scent and led the officers to the kitchen, where he began to sniff a dresser intently. Inside a drawer, the carabinieri found a large, vacuum-sealed bag containing several grams of marijuana. On top of the dresser, they also found a plastic cup with 135 euros in various banknotes and coins, proceeds from the illegal activity. Continuing the search, the officers found a sheet with names and numbers in the bedroom, evidence of drug dealing. This led to the arrest of the 41-year-old, and the seized marijuana will be analyzed in a laboratory to determine its tetrahydrocannabinol content.

Biancavilla, i carabinieri trovano la marijuana in un mobile della cucina grazie al fiuto del cane King

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