Police discover eight children alone in San Cristoforo, Catania, uncovering illegal gambling den and drug dealing center.

An apartment in the San Cristoforo neighborhood used as a base for gambling and drug dealing and consumption, illegally connected to the electricity grid, was discovered in Catania by the Police after receiving a report of eight children left alone at home by a couple who were selling drugs upstairs. The officers found the children in good health and reported the parents for child abandonment. The parents arrived on the scene with the Fire Department, to whom the police had turned to enter the house. On the upper floor, the Police discovered – amidst a strong smell of marijuana – an illegal gambling room with four fully functional slot machines that were protected by a surveillance system. The officers caught 18 people in the act and seized 2,200 euros in coins. Furthermore, most of the 18 people had drug packaging materials and seven electronic precision scales seized.

The apartment was found to be in use by a 30-year-old man, who was reported for the crimes of gambling, drug trafficking, and theft of electricity. There was also a 36-year-old woman in the house with a prohibition of returning to the municipality of Catania, which she had repeatedly violated, and she was reported again. Other individuals were subject to different measures that prohibited them from leaving the house in the evening, and for this reason, they were reported to the judicial authorities.

Segnalano otto bimbi soli a San Cristoforo a Catania, la polizia scopre una sala giochi abusiva e un centro di spaccio

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