Police and army intervene as thieves caught stealing fuel at construction site in Catania

During the evening patrol service, the agents of the general prevention and public assistance office of the Catania police intervened following a report of a man rummaging inside a construction site on Tomaselli street in the city. A woman, his accomplice, was also with him. Upon arriving on the scene, the police officers, along with Italian army soldiers involved in the “Safe Streets” operation, stopped the two individuals, catching the man in the act of trying to steal fuel from an excavator. Both are known criminals, from Catania, aged 34 and 43. They were reported in a state of freedom for attempted theft in collusion. The stolen fuel was returned to the owner of the vehicle by the police officers.

Catania, sorpresi a rubare carburante in un cantiere: intervento della polizia e dell’esercito

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