Podismo in Palermo, Ala Zoghlami and Gaia Colli win Rotary Legalità Trophy

Ala Zoghlami (Fiamme Oro Padova) and Gaia Colli (Carabinieri) are the first to write their names in the golden book of the Trofeo della Legalità-Rotary di Palermo. The event, in its second edition and for the first time as a regional team championship of the 10 km road race, saw the participation of six hundred athletes who crossed the course embedded in the city center and divided into three laps of 3.33 kilometers.

The runners started from Piazza Castelnuovo, with the start given by Mayor Roberto Lagalla in agreement with councilor Alessandro Anello, traveling along Via Libertà to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, where the runners made the classic turnaround before re-entering Via Ruggero Settimo and heading towards Teatro Massimo.

The race, organized by the Asd Sicilia Running Team in synergy with the Rotary Area Panormus, experienced an initial studying phase before exploding in the last three kilometers, where Ala Zoghlami made use of his competitive prowess, crossing the finish line in 29’12 and breaking the course record held by his brother Osama, who was stopped due to a slight injury.

Only Luca Ursano (Atletica Vomano, 29’23) managed to resist him, but not enough to worry him too much. Third place went to Nadir Cavagna (Fiamme Azzurre) in 29’30, fourth place to Misilmeri athlete Vincenzo Agnello (Sicilia Running Team), also below the course record, who finished in 29’41.

In the women’s race, Gaia Colli galloped alone, crossing the finish line in 34’42. Almost 3 minutes behind the winner of last year, Federica Proietti (GS Lammari), in 37’34. Excellent third place for Barbara Vassallo (Pol. Atletica Bagheria) in 38.24.

Podismo a Palermo, Ala Zoghlami e Gaia Colli vincono il Trofeo della Legalità Rotary

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