Plant cut in Partinico, alive for over 50 years: intimidation suspected

In Partinico, the police are investigating the peculiar case of a climbing plant, over half a century old, suddenly cut off. Was it an act of vandalism or something more? The plant, reaching 12 meters in height and 15 in length, was mutilated in a home in the Santissimo Salvatore neighborhood. The owners, who inherited the plant from their grandparents, are devastated. The police are analyzing surveillance footage, and believe the cut was deliberate, as it was made with a saw. The plant held sentimental value, as it was planted by the original owners of the house. The motive for the damage remains unknown, but it is clear that the perpetrator knew the plant well, as the cut caused immediate and irreversible death. The community is mourning the loss of a beloved landmark, and the police are working to identify the perpetrator.

A Partinico recisa una pianta rampicante, era in vita da oltre 50 anni: si ipotizza un’intimidazione

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