Pink regatta in Palermo: 400 athletes from all over Italy, already victorious in the fight against cancer.

400 athletes from all over Italy who have fought and won against cancer are now back to life and are challenging each other in the national Lilt Dragon Boat trophy in Palermo. The pink regatta is taking place today and tomorrow (June 22 and 23) in the sea in front of the Nautoscopio and the Parco della Salute al Foro italico. This is an opportunity to promote health and the value of prevention, to celebrate life together. The event is sponsored by the City of Palermo, the Sicilian Region, and supported by 35 partners. The race track consists of 3 lanes, 12 meters wide and about 400 meters long. The women participating in the race are friends, they feel like sisters because they have all fought the same battle. Patrizia Cellini, vice captain of the Aquile Rosa Lilt Palermo team, shares her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and emphasizes the importance of prevention for successful treatment. Finally, she encourages all women currently fighting cancer to persevere and trust in their doctors.

A Palermo una regata rosa: in mare 400 atlete da tutta Italia, contro il cancro hanno già vinto la loro sfida

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