Piazza Armerina: Migrant Attacked during Pope’s Visit, Two Convicted

The Court of Enna has acquitted two young men from Piazza Armerina of the charge of robbery, but they have been convicted of other crimes. On September 15, 2018, during Pope Francis’ visit to the city of mosaics, the two men allegedly attacked a migrant who was a guest at the Oasi Don Bosco community. Ambrogio Tagliarino, represented by lawyer Francesco Alberghina, has been sentenced to three years and 8 months in prison, while Salvatore Calì, represented by lawyer Lorenzo Caruso, has been sentenced to three years. A third person involved in the incident was later exonerated. The prosecutor, Stefania Leonte, had requested sentences of over 6 years in prison. Jallow Salife, the young Gambian hosting center guest who was attacked in Piazza Armerina on September 15, 2018.

Piazza Armerina, il migrante aggredito nel giorno della visita del Papa: due condannati

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