Permission to leave to pick up son, but school closed: terminally arrested

The Carabinieri of Termini Imerese arrested a 32-year-old man, who was already under house arrest with an electronic bracelet, on charges of evasion and damaging. The man reportedly contacted the central office to inform them that he was leaving home to pick up his son from school near via Mazziere, as authorized. However, the school was closed that day. A patrol of Carabinieri noticed him walking in the city center, riding a moped, and arrested him when he tried to escape. The man then tore off his electronic bracelet in anger at the Carabinieri offices. The public prosecutor ordered house arrest, which was later validated by the judge.

Ha il permesso di uscire per andare a prendere il figlio, ma la scuola è chiusa: termitano arrestato

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