Pericolous road in Palermo: via Funaioli with no streetlights, potholes and traffic

The article highlights the poor lighting, potholes, and road conditions on Via Gino Funaioli in the Romagnolo neighborhood of Palermo. The street is described as encapsulating all the city’s problems in just a few hundred meters, with crater-filled, disconnected asphalt mixing with numerous dark spots. The narrow stretch between Via Ben Haukal and Via Federico Orsi Ferrari adds to the difficulties, with heavy traffic making it almost impossible to avoid the potholes due to poor visibility. Residents are frustrated with the conditions but are advocating for an expansion of the road using a nearby field currently used as a makeshift soccer pitch. The field is also a safety concern due to the deteriorating fence, which poses a risk to pedestrians and parked vehicles. Calls for improvements have been ongoing for years, with issues also raised about the lack of sidewalks and inadequate lighting in the area. Residents are hopeful for improvements, such as the installation of new streetlights, but are also pushing for immediate action to address the current unsafe conditions.

Palermo, a Romagnolo c’è una strada da incubo: via Funaioli tra punti luce spenti, buche e traffico

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